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November 2011

Two days in Guanajuato..

sunny 25 °C

We arrived in Guanajuato yesterday afternoon after a luxurious bus ride.
Guanajuato is perched either side of a deep valley surrounded by tall dry hills.
The people who built this town were very clever as it tended to flood frequently so they built this underground system of pedestrian and vehicle tunnels that also drained water. I guess it is a antique subway.
Our hostel is halfway down one of these hills so there are many steps up and down.
Good exercise seeing Noemi and I have been tucking into the local delacacies.
Yesterday afternoon Noemi talked me into seeing the statue of Christ which is situated in the heart of Mexico- "It is only a 15 minute bus ride" Noemi said. After half an hour she asked another passenger when we were going to arrive. Well it took an hour but it was great- local folk, cacti, burros, and a dirt road. Nice bus though.
Well he isn´t as good looking as the Brazilian Christo and he is the fifth Christ to occupy that spot,
however the views were tremendous.
We are in San Miguel de Allende now, so more tomorrow.

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¡Gracias Guadalajara!

How to make a birria taco...

A short one today because we have to rush off to the bus station to go to Guanajuato.
Birria is slow roasted goat which has first been barbequed.
The restaurants do a good job of advertising what they cook.
First get a soft corn tortilla, smear with beans and fresh cheese and add birria.
Then add onion.
Picante sauce,
And finally lime.

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Welcome to L.A.

sunny 20 °C
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We had a busy day today, first time at a large department store experiencing "Black Friday" sales. I was searching for a cheap Ipod but it was in vain. So I will have to rely on internet cafes to keep this blog up to date...
The best part of the day was spent in my part of town, Hollywood (I saw the sign and everything!!). Noemi took me to the famous Jewish deli- Canters Deli for a Reuben sandwich and a cherry phosphate (bad name, tasty drink). The menu and the decor haven't changed since the 1950's.
IMG_0018.jpg IMG_0033.jpgIMG_0024.jpg

We then went to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Arts) an amazing 10 gallery buildings on the museum campus. We only managed to get to 3 galleries before it got too late (the sun goes down at 5.30pm)

My favourite exhibition was California Design

Bumped into some Salt Lake City peeps (the world is such a small place!)
on the way to see some Frida.........IMG_0094.jpg
and some Warhol......IMG_0110.jpg
and some Jeff Koons.IMG_0108.jpg

We are off to Guadalajara tomorrow but I will sure miss Martha Selisker's cooking,
IMG_0120.jpgand this little lady. IMG_0009.jpg

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Rainy day in Auckland town

storm 16 °C

I was a little bit sad that I was leaving yesterday. The sun was shining and my little house looked lovely with the sun filtering through the leaves of the golden elm. I was really happy to see my pohutukawa flower for the first time.
But today is simply awful so bring on the sunshine in Mexico!

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Second to last day at work...

even my computer is telling me to go.

semi-overcast 20 °C

My semi broken "state of the art" geo-spatial biosecurity database (that I have been working on for two years) has now completely died and the person that can fix it is on holiday.
Pity it couldn't have waited until tomorrow but I guess that is life. Time to clean my desk and delete emails.

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