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Morelia, the not so pretty town.

We arrived at Morelia in the night and it wasn´t such a great start as the both the bus and the taxi ride through the streets of Morelia took us past a load of strip joints. The hostel was packed and our room was tiny- sharing it with an older American couple. There wasn´t enough room on the floor for our bags and Noemi hates top bunks. So we went out on the streets to find another place. The hotels in the immediate area were bad reminders of terrible 80´s architecture or were principally for men who live elsewhere to visit the strip clubs and perhaps get lucky. So we grabbed our lonely planet and took a taxi trip to the other side of town. Luckily we found another hostel- built in an old monastery with private rooms the same price as our hostel.

The next day was better- the streets were full of people and the shops were open. Morelia wasn´t so bad after all.
quince_a_os.jpgDresses for 15 year birthday celebrations.
artesan_market.jpg wool.jpg Craft supplies are plentiful and cheap (and very colourful!)

We used the time to catch up on washing, some sleep plus wander the streets and try some of the local food. The main delicacy here is gaspacho, which isn´t a soup but a salad made of fruit topped with hot salsa, chilli, lime, orange juice and crumbled cheese. The fruit includes melon, papaya, mango, pineapple and the Mexican fruit jicama. Mango wasn´t in season here but it was still tasty without it- you can imagine how refreshing this is when it is really hot.

We left Morelia the next day for Mexico City reasonably early, but I had some time to run to the church that was described in the lonely planet guide as a ´set piece from Willy Wonka´s psychedelic spiritual dream´.

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¿Que que? ¡Querétaro!

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After San Miguel we arrived in Querétaro at the Hostel Kuku Ruku. It was rather flash but the girls at the front desk were more interested in selling us shoes than showing us to our room. Anyway brand new ´green´hostel (it only opened 2 months ago) and we had the whole womens 8 bed dorm to ourselves (with a great bathroom).
We left the hostel after dark but the whole town was out enjoying the Christmas decorations and watching their team Gallos (Roosters) play the Tigres in football on large screens up around the town. The town has some absolutely beautiful plazas that are well used by the locals.
We had dinner in this quirky diner, then a margarita in a flash bar,
and then booked ourselves a night tour of Querétaro´s darker history. All in Spanish we had two ladies in historic costume and flame torches leading us around the town, into houses and museums and scaring us with murder mystery and ghost stories. Pretty funny really!

The next day I traded some NZ coin for a great guava ice block (his secret no seeds) and a chat with a local in his corner icecream shop. He makes all his own icecreams and seems to know everyone in the town.

Went to a few museums which included a Mexican textile exhibit and one with printing presses and amazing plates from the late 1500´s til earlier last century.

Other than that we wandered around town and took in the colour and beauty- I highly recommend a visit to this town!

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Two days in Guanajuato..

sunny 25 °C

We arrived in Guanajuato yesterday afternoon after a luxurious bus ride.
Guanajuato is perched either side of a deep valley surrounded by tall dry hills.
The people who built this town were very clever as it tended to flood frequently so they built this underground system of pedestrian and vehicle tunnels that also drained water. I guess it is a antique subway.
Our hostel is halfway down one of these hills so there are many steps up and down.
Good exercise seeing Noemi and I have been tucking into the local delacacies.
Yesterday afternoon Noemi talked me into seeing the statue of Christ which is situated in the heart of Mexico- "It is only a 15 minute bus ride" Noemi said. After half an hour she asked another passenger when we were going to arrive. Well it took an hour but it was great- local folk, cacti, burros, and a dirt road. Nice bus though.
Well he isn´t as good looking as the Brazilian Christo and he is the fifth Christ to occupy that spot,
however the views were tremendous.
We are in San Miguel de Allende now, so more tomorrow.

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¡Gracias Guadalajara!

How to make a birria taco...

A short one today because we have to rush off to the bus station to go to Guanajuato.
Birria is slow roasted goat which has first been barbequed.
The restaurants do a good job of advertising what they cook.
First get a soft corn tortilla, smear with beans and fresh cheese and add birria.
Then add onion.
Picante sauce,
And finally lime.

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